Welcome to Gibson Technical Center's  Early Childhood Careers Class!
Hello! My name is Sherry Dodson and I've been with the Reeds Spring School District for 20 years. I am looking forward to sharing my passion for working with young children as we work together to prepare you to be our next generation of teachers!

The Early Childhood Education curriculum prepares individuals to work with children from infancy through middle childhood in diverse learning environments. Students will combine learned theories with practice in actual settings with young children under the supervision of qualified teachers. Course work includes child growth and development; physical/nutritional needs of children; care and guidance of children; and communication skills with families and children. Students will foster the cognitive/language, physical/motor, social/emotional, and creative development of young children. Students utilize practical classroom experiences to make connections between theory and practice, develop professional behaviors, and build a comprehensive understanding of children and families.
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ECC I & II    2019-2020