Week of May 4-8

Culinary Work May 4-8

Hello, welcome to the last week of distance learning!   If you are a senior that is!  The rest of you I will post more next week. This week will be a bit different.  This is the week we would normally be saying goodbye to our seniors and having a party to send them on their ways.  This also happens to be the week of Cinco de Mayo!  So we would have partied a lot. I have posted a link to a bit of information about the National Holiday.  Please watch it and so you will be well informed about Cinco de Mayo.  

My Culinary Challenge to you is to cook something this week that is Mexican.  Cook it and send me a photo of what you made.  I will be making a Mexican meal tomorrow as well.  


Please send me your photo or description of what you made as well as something you learned from the video that you didn't know before. 

Happy Cooking!