Weekly Assignment for 5/4 -5/8/2020

  • Please reflect on the skills that we learned about this year:

Shop safety

Hand tools & specialty collision repair tools

Dented metal repair using hammer & dolly

Dented metal repair using weld-on dent pulling equipment

Body filler application and finishing

Featheredging repair edges

Primer surfacer application and block sanding

Plastic repair using 3M adhesive

Surface prep for refinishing


  • Write a couple of paragraphs telling me what skills you enjoyed learning about the most and why you enjoy performing them.
  • Tell me what skills you feel you still need to work on to be confident that you are performing them correctly.
  • Tell me what you hope to learn from my program next year.
  • And finally, tell me what your plans are for your summer vacation

Assignment is due Friday 5/8/2020. Please email your work to Mr. Giebler and myself.