4/20-4/25/20 Weekly Assignment

Last week we started looking into the topic of Chapter 10 in our text book. Bolted Nonstructural Parts Replacements. I should have included the Objectives last week but didn’t think of it till now. The following is what we will do our best over the next couple of assignments to cover.

  • Identify part sources (we did this last week)
  • Apply basic skills used in bolted part replacement
  • Identify parts of bolted panel assemblies
  • Explain how to remove damaged bolted parts
  • Explain how to install and align bolted parts

Becoming skilled at either removing and re-installing parts or replacing damaged panels with new, boils down to understanding design an engineering philosophy. These philosophies are pretty standard among most auto manufactures and do run in trends. Vehicles produced in the Fifties were designed and put together very differently that vehicles from the Seventies. Even the engineering trends today have evolved from the cars that were produced the year that you guys were born. Once you have worked on enough different makes and models from different time frames, you will begin to understand what the trend is and working on those cars will become less of a crazy jigsaw puzzle.

Weekly Assignment for 4/20-4/25/2020

  • Go to Youtube and research replacing both truck steel bumpers and plastic bumper covers found on unibody vehicles
  • Send me the links to three steel bumper replacement video’s along with a brief description of why you chose the video and what you learned from watching it. Aftermarket truck accessories companies may be a good source of professional videos…
  • Send me the links to three video’s pertaining to removing and replacing plastic bumper covers. Why did you choose the video? What did you learn from the video? You should look at different makes and models…
  • What are some common design/engineering trends that you noticed in your research?


  • What are common tools that you noticed being used in the videos you watched?


Please send your assignment to both Mr. Giebler and myself by Saturday 4/25/20.



As always, please contact me if you have any questions or need help with the assignment. Again, please send me an email or text if we haven’t made some sort of contact. Have a great week!

Mr. Stober