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Weekly Assignment for 5/4 -5/8/2020

  • Please reflect on the skills that we learned about this year:

Shop safety

Hand tools & specialty collision repair tools

Dented metal repair using hammer & dolly

Dented metal repair using weld-on dent pulling equipment

Body filler application and finishing

Featheredging repair edges

Primer surfacer application and block sanding

Plastic repair using 3M adhesive

Surface prep for refinishing


  • Write a couple of paragraphs telling me what skills you enjoyed learning about the most and why you enjoy performing them.
  • Tell me what skills you feel you still need to work on to be confident that you are performing them correctly.
  • Tell me what you hope to learn from my program next year.
  • And finally, tell me what your plans are for your summer vacation

Assignment is due Friday 5/8/2020. Please email your work to Mr. Giebler and myself.


Weekly Assignment for 4/27-5/1/2020

  • Watch this Youtube video by clicking on this link
  • Research how to properly align a hood panel and hood hinges. Send me links to two videos of your choice that pertain to replacing and fitting hoods. Please tell me why you chose the video and what you learned from your research.
  • Research how to replace and align a fender panel. Please send me links to two videos that pertain to replacing and fitting fender panels. Tell me why you chose the videos and what you learned from watching the fender videos.
  • Research how to replace and align door panels. Send me links to two videos that pertain to fitting door panels. Please tell me why you chose the videos.
  • After doing this research you should be able to answer the following questions:

If you were replacing a door, fender and hood panel on the passenger side of a vehicle what panel should you start with and why?


Before final fitment of body panels is there something that should be done to the panels paint wise? If so, what is the terminology?


Please send your completed assignment to Mr. Giebler and myself by Friday May 1, 2020.

4/20-4/25/20 Weekly Assignment

Last week we started looking into the topic of Chapter 10 in our text book. Bolted Nonstructural Parts Replacements. I should have included the Objectives last week but didn’t think of it till now. The following is what we will do our best over the next couple of assignments to cover.

  • Identify part sources (we did this last week)
  • Apply basic skills used in bolted part replacement
  • Identify parts of bolted panel assemblies
  • Explain how to remove damaged bolted parts
  • Explain how to install and align bolted parts

Becoming skilled at either removing and re-installing parts or replacing damaged panels with new, boils down to understanding design an engineering philosophy. These philosophies are pretty standard among most auto manufactures and do run in trends. Vehicles produced in the Fifties were designed and put together very differently that vehicles from the Seventies. Even the engineering trends today have evolved from the cars that were produced the year that you guys were born. Once you have worked on enough different makes and models from different time frames, you will begin to understand what the trend is and working on those cars will become less of a crazy jigsaw puzzle.

Weekly Assignment for 4/20-4/25/2020

  • Go to Youtube and research replacing both truck steel bumpers and plastic bumper covers found on unibody vehicles
  • Send me the links to three steel bumper replacement video’s along with a brief description of why you chose the video and what you learned from watching it. Aftermarket truck accessories companies may be a good source of professional videos…
  • Send me the links to three video’s pertaining to removing and replacing plastic bumper covers. Why did you choose the video? What did you learn from the video? You should look at different makes and models…
  • What are some common design/engineering trends that you noticed in your research?


  • What are common tools that you noticed being used in the videos you watched?


Please send your assignment to both Mr. Giebler and myself by Saturday 4/25/20.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or need help with the assignment. Again, please send me an email or text if we haven’t made some sort of contact. Have a great week!

Mr. Stober

Weekly Assignment 4/13-4/17/2020

Weekly Assignment 4/13-4/17/2020

  • Replacement parts for automobiles are divided into three major categories:

OEM parts

Aftermarket parts

Recycled parts

Research these three categories and answer the questions below. Each category should have a paragraph or two in order to cover all the questions.

  • Define the three categories. What are OEM parts? What are Aftermarket parts? Etc…
  • Where can these parts be purchased from?
  • What information do you need to purchase the correct parts?
  • Do the different categories of parts require different information to purchase?
  • Are there different factors that help determine which category of parts should be used to repair a vehicle? If so what are they?
  • What are some pros VS cons of each category? List at least three pros and three cons for each of the three major categories.

If you do not have a computer to work from at home, do your research from your phone and handwrite your responses’. You can then email or text me pictures of your handwritten response. I do not expect anyone to type a short paper from a phone!


Please send your completed assignment to both Mr. Giebler and myself.

Weekly Assignment 4/6-4/10/20

Assignment for week of 4/6/20-4/10/20

  • Follow Youtube link this is a short video that showcases the model of airless plastic welders that we have in our shop. I have been using one of these to stretch the plastic body of my golf cart project. I will attach some pictures to this email.
  • Research Youtube videos relating to airless plastic welding.
  • Send me links to five videos that you found impressive. At least two need to be from a professional source such as Polyvance, 3M, or any other manufacturer of plastic welding equipment.
  • For each video you choose to send, write a paragraph review telling me why you chose it and what you learned from watching the video.
  • Please email Mr. Giebler and myself your links and reviews to:

  • If you do not have access to a computer to type your paragraph reviews, hand write them and text me pictures of your written responses. I included my phone number in last week’s email.

First Weekly Assignment 3/30-4/3

Your first weekly assignment due by 8:30 AM Friday April 3, 2020 is to send me an email giving me some specific information. I want to know:
  • How are you doing?
  • What have you been doing with your time off?
  • Do you need your wolves email password?
  • Do you have access to a computer & internet?
  • Your phone number and if you can access internet from your phone
  • Do you need anything from your GTC locker
Please email your response by due date to both myself and Mr. Giebler. Our email addreses are:
If I do not get a response then I will call the contact phone numbers that I have in SISK12 and make contact that way.