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Health Occupations


Health Occupations is a one year exploratory class for seniors.  One of the program goals is to help each student examine their own personality and abilities and to find the health career that they would find most rewarding.  Students use the knowledge gained in this class to go immediately to work as a health care assistant or to acquire admission and success in a more advanced health career program.

The program provides:

  • Strong basic preparation for a general or specialized career in the health care field
  • Actual work experience in area health care facilities
  • Instruction in job seeking and job keeping skills
  • The opportunity for senior students who meet specific requirements to take the exam for Missouri Certification for Nurse Assistants.


Health Tech Remote Learning

Health Tech is going to officially start the remote learning process Monday, 4/6!  I am communicating collectively with my students on Google Hangouts and we are loving it.  The students have been missing each other and I am missing them for sure.  Excited to see what we can get accomplished and not even be together at school. We will start by finishing up on a few things we did not get to before spring break, then we will focus on studying for the CNA exam so that they will be ready to pass it when we can come back together.

Health Tech AM class taking vital signs
Excitement in the air in Health Tech!  Scrubs came in this week and they are close to mastering vital signs.  We will be starting at the nursing home in a couple of weeks.
Health Tech students learning to make medical beds.
Health Tech has gotten off to a great start this year!  They have mastered bed making, both unoccupied and occupied.  We are moving into vital signs this week, not to mention all the studying they have been doing just learning different health care careers and what it takes to be a professional health care worker.
The Health Tech students are getting excited to do nurse assistant skills in the lab.  We have been very busy in the classroom so far this semester learning about health care systems, health care trends, and many different careers.  We have recently been studying about professionalism, both appearance and characteristics.  Today we began to learn about another component of professionalism, communication.  They practiced communication when barriers come in to play such as music playing in the background, oxygen concentrator running, difficulty hearing (cotton in their ears), and cataracts causing poor vision (vaseline on the sunglasses).  It was a very eye opening experience to realize how difficult distractions can make communication, not to mention the difficulty of getting an accurate blood pressure.
The first day at the nursing home was great!  The students were allowed to explore the facility by participating in a scavenger hunt.  During this hunt they had to find things such as equipment and special rooms, but they also had to introduce themselves to the Administrator and the Director of Nursing.  Thanks to Table Rock Health Care for allowing students to put to practice their CNA skills another year.  
Performing the bed shampoo skill is always a fun day in Health Tech.  This year was no different.  They worked hard and mastered yet another skill!!
We started the new year off really busy mastering the list of CNA skills before time to start their on the job training at the nursing home.  Kendra is checking off on dressing Angel.

Clinical Rotation

We began our local clinical rotation yesterday, November.  Everyone was excited to get into the clinics and observe various health care professionals.  The first day was a success as the students all had a positive experience.  We will continue with clinic rotation every Monday and Tuesday through December 15th while working hard in the lab Wednesday through Friday each week to learn skills and prepare for the nursing home rotation to start in February.  

Mr. Thompson was brave enough to allow the Health Tech students to shave him. The other students shaved boys from other GTC classes that volunteered.  Students are working hard to get ready for their on the job training months at the nursing home.
Health Tech has been very busy in January mastering all of the necessary skills to be ready for their on the job training at the nursing home by the end of the month.  They have been practicing dressing their "resident" as you see in this picture of Jordan having dressed her resident, Jessika.
Health Tech students have been really busy hitting the books gaining all of the background knowledge to care for patients in a health care setting.  They have learned a few skills along the way such as vital signs and infection control practices.  They have been working to check off on these skills in the lab prior to our clinic observations in December.