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What is New Horizons Alternative School?
New Horizons Alternative School offers students who are at-risk of dropping out of high school or have already dropped out of high school the chance to earn a diploma in a setting more suited to their individual needs.

Who is eligible to attend New Horizons Alternative School?
New Horizons Alternative School is for students who struggle in a regular high school setting. They may be parenting teens, underachievers, or loners. They may have attendance problems or come from a stressful family environment with little support to succeed in school.

How is New Horizons Alternative School different from a regular high school?
Because of a small student-teacher ratio, students receive more individual attention. A student’s program is designed according to the student’s needs, styles, and contract. New Horizons Alternative School is more flexible. Students can coordinate schooling with a work schedule or other responsibilities.

How are classes organized at New Horizons Alternative School?
The instructional program will focus on core classes. Career development and positive self-esteem recognition will be part of the curriculum though the use of guest speakers, field trips, team activities, and community service.