District SkillsUSA Competition Results

Congratulations to the following students to participated in the District SkillsUSA competitions in Joplin/Carthage/Monett.

  •      Sophia Rivera - 1st place-  Culinary skills
  •      Bethany Brown- 3rd place- Culinary skills
  •      Shelby Meier 4th place- Baking skills
  •      Bradley Williams- 5th place- Construction
  •      Ben Boles- 6th place- Collision Repair- Refinishing
  •      Zepplin Clifton- 6th place- Auto Body Repair
  •      Morgan Essary- Preschool Teaching Asst- 5th place


Congratulations to these students who competed in the written competitions for SkillsUSA

  •      Brian Kroeger- 2nd place Automotive
  •      Clifton Zeppelin- 1st place- Collision Repair
  •      Ben Boles- 2nd place- Collision Repair
  •      Jeremy Wicks- 1st place- Computer Repair
  •      Zach Brown – 2nd place- Computer Repair
  •      Lily White- 3rd place- Computer Repair
  •      Jacob Brown- 3rd place- Computer Repair
  •      Sophia Rivera – 2nd place- Culinary Arts
  •      Savanna Crowell- 3rd place- Culinary Arts
  •      Mixieann Thompson- 1st place-Early Childhood Education
  •      Morgan Essary- 2nd place- Early Childhood Education
  •      Lashawna Call- 2nd place- Early Childhood Education
  •      Brandon Koller- 1st place Graphic Communications
  •      Bradley Williams-1st place- Marine Technology
  •      Noah Refsland – 2nd place-Marine Technology
  •      Jeremy Long- 3rd place- Marine Technology