Mr. Sonny Young Earns Excellence Award


All teachers believe in building a foundation for student learning, but Mr. Sonny Young literally helps build foundations as the Construction Technology teacher at Gibson Technical Center, and he’s earned the Excellence Award for January from Reeds Spring Schools.

“Mr. Young’s students graduate from the program with valuable, job‐ready skills and OSHA industry safety certifications that will allow them to be prepared as they enter the workforce,” said Gibson Tech Director Nick Thieman.

Mr. Young has worked at Gibson Technical Center for 14 years. His classes have built homes, dock lockers, and the program’s classroom and shop at GTC. 

Paraprofessional Keith McDannold said Young is great at motivating students and shared one example from when the class was laying floor joists for a home.

“When it was time to load up the bus and head back to school, students kept asking, ‘Can we get one more done?’ And then, it was one more again. They did not want to stop.”

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